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d Duke at Razorback Field on Friday, Aug. 26. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL JHOUSTON -- Andre Johnson had the best year of his career last season. Nike Shox Scontate . But at 32, Johnson knows his window for winning a championship is closing, and he is determined to do even more this season to help the Houston Texans accomplish their goal of reaching the Super Bowl. "I think we have a great shot at doing it, but the main thing is we have to go out and do what we have to do to accomplish that," Johnson said. "Last year, I think we could have put ourselves in a better situation and we didnt take advantage of it. Hopefully, we can get in that same situation and take advantage of it." Johnson had 112 receptions for 1,598 yards -- both career highs -- last season in helping Houston make its second straight playoff appearance. It was the third 1,500-yard season of his 10-year career and a bounce-back year after he played just seven games and finished with a career-worst 492 yards receiving in 2011. Johnson, who was drafted by Houston after its first season, is the longest tenured Texan. He suffered through the lean years and is proud that he has helped transform the Texans into a contender. "I told myself that once I signed here I wasnt going to play for anybody else," he said. "I wanted to be a part of something special. I wanted to help this organization get to the playoffs and I wanted to help them win their first playoff game. I didnt think it would take this long for this to happen, but its a process. We have accomplished some of the goals, but hopefully we can accomplish that ultimate goal." Houston cut veteran receiver Kevin Walter in the off-season, leaving Johnson as Houstons only receiver with more than two years of experience. The Texans drafted DeAndre Hopkins in the first round and expect him to start opposite Johnson. They also are looking for contributions from Keshawn Martin and DeVier Posey, who are entering their second seasons. The makeup of Houstons receiving corps has Johnson adjusting to a different role in the team. "Im not really used to being the old guy," he said. "But Im willing to help them with anything they need to me to help them with." Coach Gary Kubiak said its difficult for him to think of Johnson as old because hes still playing at such a high level. He also noted that Jerry Rice played until he was 42 and Rod Smith was 36 when he finished playing. "I think Dre is getting better," Kubiak said. "The year he had last year and this off-season has been tremendous. I think you cherish, maybe appreciate the time youre playing a little bit more the further you go along because it does go so fast. (Im) just very proud of who he is and what he does. Hes a big leader on the team." Johnson joked about how Hopkins desperately wants to learn from him and is constantly peppering him with questions about everything. He told a story about Hopkins seeing him in the hot tub one morning and asking him if he did that every morning. Johnson told him yes and was taken aback the next day when he was waiting in the hot tub when he arrived. "Its just little things like that," Johnson said, laughing. "Hes willing to learn. He wants to learn. He wants to know what makes him better and thats a great thing. Thats what I love about him. Hes willing to work and he wants to know how to be great." Hopkins appreciates the knowledge hes gaining from Johnson, but noted that he isnt the only one whos benefiting from his experience. "Hes told me everything that a veteran should tell a rookie," Hopkins said. "Hes paying attention to all the guys out here and helping all of us out. Hes giving all of us great things to work on and telling us what we need to do." Hopkins is the first receiver Houston has drafted in the first round since taking Johnson third overall in 2003. Johnson is excited to play with another top-tier receiver and is also eager to see how the addition of college buddy Ed Reed helps a defence led by last seasons defensive player of the year J.J. Watt. "Since Ive been in the NFL, yeah this is the most weapons weve had," Johnson said. "We have a lot of guys that can go out and make plays for us." Johnson is disappointed by the way Houston finished the season last year. The Texans opened 11-1 before losing three of their last four regular-season games to miss out on getting a bye week and home-field advantage in playoffs. They won their wild-card game against Cincinnati before losing to the Patriots. "At times, maybe we could have been feeling ourselves or something," Johnson said of last season. "I think the game in New England, our last playoff game; it just showed you what kind of team you have to be in order to accomplish that ultimate goal. That was definitely a humbling experience and well be looking forward to the challenge again." NOTES: Watt was limited in practice on Sunday because of a sore left elbow. He doesnt like playing with a brace on it, but said hell begin wearing it in an attempt to limit the soreness. "Its just precaution," he said. "I just want to be smart with it. I put it through a lot of work over the last week. Its done a lot of work without the brace for the first time in a long time, so Im bringing the brace back just as kind of a security measure, to make sure it stays secure and it stays safe." ... RB Arian Foster, who started camp on the physically unable to perform list with a right calf strain, was supposed to start practicing on Sunday. But he continued to sit out because of a sore back. Kubiak said his status is day to day. Air Max 2017 Uomo Offerte . PETERSBURG, Fla. Nike Shox Outlet Italia . -- Jaye Marie Green shot a 4-under 68 on Thursday to increase her lead to five strokes after the second round of the LPGA Tours qualifying tournament. http://www.airmaxscontateonline.it/nike-air-max-95-offerte.html . While hell be dialed in to that tournament on a course he loves, you can forgive him if his eyes glance down the calendar just a bit, towards April. Earlier this month, Nintendo unveiled its next gaming system, Switch. At the end of the trailer, a shot appeared of a massive esports arena filled with thousands of screaming Splatoon fans. Considering Nintendos complicated history with esports, this is the first time the company has directly acknowledged the scene. After years of neglect, Nintendo may finally be paying attention to esports.Evan Rocketek Towne, captain of Panda Globals Splatoon team, was surprised by the inclusion of a massive theoretical esports event at the end of the trailer. I think it definitely brings a lot of excitement and promise for Nintendo esports, he said. Splatoon is a game that with the right support can become even more competitive and just as fun to watch as it is to play.With Switch, it seems like gamers will more easily be able to take their systems on the go. If Nintendo can implement a proper spectator mode, then Splatoon could have a vibrant esports future.But the de facto Nintendo esports game has always been the Super Smash Bros. franchise. After Nintendo tried to remove Melee from Evolution 2013, the company has been mostly hands-off.Since the Evolution 2013 incident, Nintendo has been changing its tune. In 2014, it held the a Smash Bros. for Wii U invitational at E3, inviting top players like Evil Geniuses Kevin PPMD Nanney and Gonzalo ZeRo Barrios to compete on stage. It has also sponsored tournaments like Apex and Community Effort Orlando, providing event support. These actions caught the community off guard and led many to speculate that Nintendo may have grander esports aspirations. If it truly does, all signs point to how it plans to support Splatoon, the older Melee scene, and the more recent Smash 4 scene.Hungrybox, a competitive Melee player, has a closer relationship with Nintendo compared to other esports athletes. He was invited for the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U invitational in 2014, and played against Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime the following year in a trash-talk filled grudge match. Air Max 2018 Uomo. Because he plays the older iteration of the game, he thinks whatever new Smash game Nintendo puts out will be the unquestionable competitive title. The dream would be a re-release of [Melee HD], but theres a lot of difficulty in porting such a complex game from 2001 and making it identical on a brand new console with a brand new engine and visual output, he said.The difficulties arise in the speed and complexity of Melees gameplay. Even today, players will lug around large CRT televisions because it affords higher refresh rates and lower input delay. High end gaming monitors still cant reach the refresh rates of CRTs. Even with the stubbornness of the Melee scene, theres potential for a new Smash game that appeals to both scenes. When [Project M] came out, it was truly an interesting time for the Smash Community. Youd have top Brawl players and top Melee players meeting each other in high level bracket matches, Hungrybox said.Project M was a fan mod of the third Smash game, Brawl. It removed many of the gripes the Melee community had with Brawl, and created a game that was faster and more competitive. While not a perfect game, it was the only one that was able to bring together both Smash scenes. But Hungrybox isnt as optimistic. An all-encompassing Smash 5 title does sound like a dream, but realistically it just seems impossible, he said.The real potential of an invested Nintendo would mean a proper circuits for Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon. For example, game dev Capcom has the Pro Tour, a tournament circuit in which Street Fighter V players can compete and earn points. The players with the most points will meet at the Capcom Cup, fighting it out over the lions share of $250,000. Nintendo has no such series, but if it wants the same kinds of crowds and excitement, it may need to look in that direction. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' ' rseys China Ch