Don’t waste time in regretting your past


Date & time Oct 18 '17
Creator Melinda Ellis

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Everyone has a past, but students have absolutely no time to regret their past. You might not be very satisfied with your academic results of high school, but since nothing can be changed now, it is pointless to even think about it. Regretting your past will make you weaker and you will end up losing your present and future in this regret.


Instead of regretting your past, you should learn a lesson from it and try to make your future better. If you were unable to score good marks in your essays during school, you have the time now to check write my essay reviews and use their professional help to submit best essays. By regretting your past, you will not benefit yourself or anyone else. The only things this will do, is completely waste your time and make you weaker with every passing day. It is important to know that we become smarter as we grow old, so back in the day, your brain might not have been so smart to understand the mistakes which you were making.


We cannot understand our mistakes going forward; we can only understand them when we have already done those mistakes. Therefore, never regret your past, learn your lesson and use that knowledge to gain excellence in your upcoming life.

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